She was born in Beirut, on February 10, 1993, and since she started in this world she displaced several and was the center of attention for her biotype different from the others. His Arab ethnicity was sincerely the boom, many pages on the Internet collapsed in visits when many of the Internet users were looking for this beautiful woman with cinnamon skin. In her country and in part of the Middle East they do not want to see her and she and her family have received thousands of threats of all caliber, they say that when she arrived in the USA there by the year 2000, she was taught Catholic education, but she tells us that no the practice.


A native of Lebanon, she has broken schemes, many times in the world we look for brave women, but women wanting to get ahead like her because none. I unleash a tremendous impact when I take a live legend out of the ranking, since on December 28, 2014, replacing MILF and porn star Lisa Ann, although there is no known rivalry, the issue is that she made noise in her foray sexual, but this was nothing until in 2015 the visits multiplied by 5, there is no doubt that this.

 Female is a real Arab jewel.

And she is always in the eye of the storm as I work for a Lebanese beer brand and launch the slogan « we are both classified for over 18 » It is known that while working as a waitress in a restaurant a customer stared at her and told her that she could be an excellent porn star, some time later we know where she ended up working.

 Mia Khalifa married a man of American nationality.

but so far we do not know his name or the situation in which they are both. At the age of 22 years Mia Khalifa, it was already listed as a promise in the industry had a dedication and a conviction for the sex that puts it Among the best.

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